Our academic mission at Victory Christian Academy is to provide curriculum and instruction that is both God-honoring and challenging. We use only state or nationally accredited curriculum and much of it comes from Christian publishing companies. We believe that the education process was established by God and therefore He is central to every discipline, from Bible to English to math.


Victory Christian Academy offers both morning and full day Pre-Kindergarten for four year olds. A safe environment with caring teachers provides the framework for academic, physical, spiritual and social activities. Academically, the children have reading readiness lessons, science units, language skills, and math concepts such as counting to 100. They also learn number and shape recognition, math readiness skills, phonics sounds and letter recognition. The pre-school children learn to blend the sounds and begin reading one and two vowel words by spring. 

Art and writing activities, gym time and recess involve the small and large muscles that contribute to physical development. 

Spiritual activities include weekly chapel, daily Bible lessons, character development lessons and relating the wonder of God's creation in reading enrichment time, their science units and daily interactions. Music is integrated into lessons through the curriculum and chapel. Social development is encouraged during a daily playtime, recess and units in social studies that help the children become aware of the community around them. 

Field trips are an essential part of a pre-kindergarten's learning experiences such as a trip with their class to an orchard. The morning pre-kindergarten takes place from 8:10 AM until 12:00 noon. If a full day is chosen, students stay until 2:40 PM which includes lunch, recess, a rest/nap time and enrichment activities before they are dismissed to go home. Interested families may call (219) 548-8803 for further information and/or to schedule a tour.

Elementary & Middle School

The elementary and middle school years are crucial in the development of a student. Moving beyond the basic academic and social skills learned in kindergarten, students in 1st grade and beyond are consistently working beyond grade level to prepare for their next step. A strong, accredited Christian curriculum stretches student thinking and helps to foster high achievement. This advanced learning is illustrated in VCA elementary and middle school students scoring well above grade level on standardized testing on a yearly basis. Victory students are given opportunities to grow spiritually, socially and academically at every grade level as they prepare for the rigors of high school and college.

High School

VCA's high school has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years! As our student population has increased, so has our academic and extra-curricular offerings. Victory is now offering advanced placement courses to our high school students. In addition to these classes, students take four years of English and can take up through Calculus in mathematics. All students take a minimum of four years of Bible, three years of science and three years of history. Electives include art, drama, music theory, computers, foreign language, physical education, food and nutrition and more.

Advanced Placement Courses

Victory offers the following AP courses: AP-Calculus, AP-Computer Science Principles, and AP-Physics. Students have the option at the end of the course to take the AP exam at a cost of $94. A passing score on the AP exam, gives the student college credits.

North Campus: 360 N. 325 E. | Valparaiso, IN 46383 | 219.548.2701 
South Campus: 3805 LaPorte Ave | Valparaiso, IN 46383 | 219.548.8803 

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Victory Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to VCA students. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of our educational policies, admissions procedures, and scholarship awards, athletic and other school administered programs. We do, however, reserve the right to deny admission or employment to any individual who cannot benefit from enrollment based on past academic achievement, disqualifying handicap, or whose personal lifestyle is not in harmony with the Holy Bible, and VCA’ s stated philosophy and purpose. VCA’s biblical role is to work in conjunction with the home to mold students to be Christ like. Of necessity, this involves the school’s understanding and belief of what qualities or characteristics exemplify a Christ-like life according to Scripture. The school reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student if the atmosphere or the conduct within a particular home or the activities of the student are counter to or are in direct opposition to the biblical lifestyle taught in the Bible. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, participating in, supporting, or condoning sexual immorality, homosexual/lesbian or bisexual activity, promoting such practices and asserting that any philosophy other than God alone is the determiner of gender; and/or that marriage is between anything other than one man and one woman. VCA will love and pray for families with these struggles but we must stand firm in declaring that Scripture is truth and thus it would not make a good fit for students and/or families that are unable to support the moral principles of the school as taken from Scripture. (See Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:27)